Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So why do I want to write about fitness? I'm not a personal trainer or even a long time enthusist. I didn't major in exercise science. There is a simple answer. I find my experiences at Gazella to be interesting, useful and inspiring and I thought if this was the case, there might be other people out there who think the same.

Who out there doesn't want to build their confidence, get results and have more energy???

I will start with CONFIDENCE. I feel more comfortable wearing close fitting clothing. There are muscles now actually holding my stomach in. When I'm walking up steep hill I can feel the muscles in my legs working to give me momentum. I like being able to see how far I progressed and how much easier it is for me to do certain excersizes, than when I first started.

RESULTS. Its very simple if you keep at, you will see them! Some people see them faster than others, which is why we tend to give up too soon.. Don't give up, keep going. I have and I am proud of my results.

ENERGY.Since at Gazella's, I find myself searching for new ways to be active, rather than getting bored and quitting. I know I have found something thats made a positive difference in my life.

There are people who get up ultra early in the morning to attend different classes before work, people who run a 10K or train for a marathon, people who spend hours at a time on a bike. The advantage of noticing all these options is that there are so many of them to choose from and you don't have to try them all or even be good at them. The important thing is that you make the "EFFORT".

This new session I want to vamp things up a bit, and thanks to the trainers at Gazellas, I'm starting smart. I have joined the OST (off season training) program with Reem. This program runs for 6 months and is designed to give you the training you need in the off season to compete in triathalons, duathalons and/or cycling events in late spring through early fall. It is a progressive program, welcoming all levels of athletes.

I look forward to seeing new faces in this program.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tammy's Story cont.


My consistency and "no matter what" attitude is paying off. I have lost 10 lbs and several inches.

I must admitt the "New car smell" wears off. I was so afraid that I would get sick of arranging my schedule to do classes, drinking large amounts of H2O. But you know what? I didn't. It has become routine- its just what I do.

No matter what if I made a mistake or missed a work out they taught me to forgive and continue on...no re-starts and no quitting.

I feel like I am giving my children the greatest gift ever, a healthier, happier mom ....and that is a role model I have dreamed of becoming.

Gazella team offers support, advice, tough love and insiration. They have shared training tips, recipes, work out triumphs and LOTS of LAUGHS, but most of all Encouragemnet.

Thank You

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gazella Spring Dance Show!

Here is a compilation of our Spring Show!  The girls did so great, I'm so proud of them.  They worked so hard and deserved every minute of it!! :) Thank you to everyone who helped out with the show and to all the parents--you all made it such a success! Thank you and Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tammy's Story cont.

In weeks 3 & 4, I am still getting used to the work outs both mentally and physically. Since they say habits form in 21 days, things should begin to get easier and more fun to follow.
Continuously reminding myself to stick with it, holding my goal in front of me, as results may be slow at first.
This truly has been a challange for me but I am determined to reach my goal. So if your joining me on this journey please DON'T GIVE UP.

Starting week 4 and having completed 28 days is a huge milestone for me. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this. I am creating new habits and fighting old patterns. I am very thankful to the entire staff at Gazella. I would have never made it this far on my own, without the support of everyone. As I end this week I wish for fine health, abundent energy, confidenceand perseverence as I continue this path.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tammy's Story

At a recent routine check-up, completely unaware of any health issues, I found myself leaving there with a prescription for cholesterol meds and another appointment for a stress test at the age of 42. With heart disease being a long time family nuisance, I have decided to make a real change in my life. I am currently in week 2 of training with Gazella's Studio and they are leading me in the right direction. Not only teaching me to make excersize and diet a habit but helping me to keep a positive attitude while achiving my goal. I have put all my trust in Gazella with helping me to make these new life style changes. Even though I find myself stumbling around in the workouts and feeling a little self-conscious, consistant encouragement from the trainers keeps me going and remembering what brought me here in the 1st place. If feels good to say that I have finally declared an end to poor health. With that being said, I hope you join me on this journey and always feel free to advise and motivate me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We're getting closer to the Big Day!

The Gazella Dancers Spring Show is rapidly approaching!  The show is on May 26th at the Cayuga Community College Theater at 7.  Tickets are now on sale!  If you'd like tickets please see us at the studio or give us a call. Here are pictures of a few of our girls on costume day!!  We're all so excited and anxious for our final show of the season!! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Back on the road, ready for tri season!

After seven months of sweating inside on a stationary bike, today I dodged the rain and rode outdoors. It felt unfamiliar--the return to traffic, wind, and swarms of recently hatched flies of some sort pelting me at times. But it still felt surprisingly good. Typically, when I get back out on the road in the spring I feel out of breath and out of shape. But this year is different; I’ve been training with the Gazella Off-Season Triathlon Training Program. We have spent hours on bikes indoors – listening to disco or 80’s music – with our head coach Reem Jishi, a retired professional cyclist and co-owner of Gazella Studio, leading us through specially-designed bike sessions for triathletes. We have also built up our strength—essential for triathletes in off-season—through TRX Suspension training. And, we’re ready for triathlon season.

On May 16 the Gazella Women’s Triathlon team will kick into gear outdoors with returning members joined by beginning triathletes. Last year I joined the team as a beginning triathlete as the Skinnyman Triathlon approached. I was attempting to train by myself for my first triathlon. I had wanted to do a triathlon for years but my one previous attempt had ended short in an over-training injury before the race. In early August I began to stress as I had not ever swam any distance in a lake, especially in the deep area where there were feet of water below. I needed to get in the water with others – but I was new to town and had no one to swim with. So I searched online and found that the new Gazella Studio was offering Skaneateles a triathlon training program, complete with group swims in the lake on Monday nights. And, as they say, the rest was history. I completed Skinnyman, feeling well-prepared for what lay ahead, having been led through several practice triathlons on the course as part of the team. I also made some of my best friends in town and continue to feel welcomed by the community of triathletes here.

This year four more coaches are joining Reem – two additional swim coaches (Sharon Azzam and Jill King), a cycling coach (Chris Hueber), and running coach (Laura Kline). Their list of qualifications is inspiring. But, even more important than their resumes, I am sure they will offer as coaches what Reem has provided – support through injuries and sickness, willingness to answer endless questions and concerns via email or phone, and personal attention and adjustment to training programs to meet individual athlete’s needs. While most of my teammates specialize in sprint distance triathlons or running races, I continue to struggle to ward off running injuries. So I am trying aquabikes this summer – the triathlon without the run. And I’m aiming for some longer distances, starting with the Mussleman on Geneva Lake (1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike in July!). Reem has worked with me individually to provide a training plan that adapts our team schedule to meet my needs and work with my busy life.

As a PhD Student at Cornell University, I not only appreciate the help in fitting triathlon training with my life, I also appreciate the affordability of Gazella. With an interest in supporting student athletes, Gazella offers their programs at reduced rates for students. Triathlons can be an expensive sport but Gazella’s training program is a deal –even for the non-student. Each week brings an open water swim, a trained bike session and a trained running session, and a multi-sport workout/practice mini-tri. In addition a detailed training plan is provided weekly (which can be adapted for you). Gazella’s other classes (such as yoga or strength training) are only $25/five class for those in the triathlon program. And, even more exciting, over ten local businesses are sponsoring the team and offering discounts on products and services to team members. Coffee at Creekside Books & Coffee and haircuts at Bijou are now more affordable as well, helping defray the cost of all my event registrations for the summer.

Can you tell I’m hooked? I hope you’ll consider joining us as well! Check it out: www.gazella-studio.com